Server infrastructure virtualization involves advanced IT technology that “stores” multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. Virtualization technology is suitable for any company that has more than one server computer and is an especially efficient and cost-effective solution for organizations that fall into the categories of small and medium-sized enterprises.

What are the benefits of virtualization?

Server virtualization achieves a reduction in costs on a number of bases such as savings in energy (cooling and energy costs are reduced significantly), space, and necessary hardware components.
Server virtualization enables the cloning of an existing server, in a very short period of time, significantly reducing the time required to install a new physical server.
Significant time savings in the IT sector is another bonus that allows you to focus on strategic issues, to understand the impact of the IT segment on the core business of a company, and to develop projects that enhance operations, which ultimately result in increased revenue.
Using software for a safe and efficient data backup process.

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