safety and efficiency are guaranteed only through the use of original computer software. In accordance with your needs and the needs of your business, choose a solution that will fully meet all your requirements.

Take a look at the Microsoft licenses we have on offer!



Microsoft OEM

(Original Equipment Manufacturer)

As one of the most commonly used Windows licenses, OEM is purchased with a new computer and, as such, is connected to that device and its components (motherboard, processor, hard drive, memory, power, and case). Accordingly, it is not possible to transfer the OEM license to another device. When you purchase a license, you get an installation CD and a COA sticker that is placed, in a prominent place on the case, after the installation has been completed. OEM allows downgrades to previous versions of the system.



Microsoft GGK

(Get Genuine Kit)

Unlike the OEM license purchased with a new computer, the GGK license is intended to legalize existing computers that have been in use for some time. This Windows license is tied to the device it was originally installed on, and its transfer to other devices is not possible. With the purchase of a license, you are provided with an installation disc and a sticker.The GGK license does not support downgrades to previous versions of the system.



Microsoft FPP

(Full Packed Product)

By purchasing an FPP Windows license, the user has the right to transfer and activate the license, up to three times, on different devices, provided that before it is installed on a new device a deinstallation is performed on the device where the FPP was installed before its installation on the new device. Microsoft Office is the most recognizable product, and when you buy FPP you will receive an installation guide, software serial number and a sticker. FPP does not allow downgrades to previous versions of the system.


Buying or renting a license? Choose the licensing models that will work best for you!




Volume licensing program which involves the purchase of at least five durable licenses. The contract establishes a two-year licensing term with a legal entity. Licenses are delivered electronically.





Open Value is the recommended licensing program for small and medium-sized businesses with five or more computers. If you want to simplify license management, manage software costs, and gain greater control over your investments, the Open Value licenses are precisely what you need. What sets these licenses apart from the others, from the Open program, is that they include Software Assurance, which provides various benefits to a company.





A key feature of this licensing program is renting licensing. Licensing rentals are contractually defined, with a prerequisite of at least five computers with installed legal software. The lease is for a period of three years and, after the expiration of the contract, you can conclude a new contract, terminate the contract or purchase the licenses.



Microsoft OFFICE 365

Try a technology that will allow your business to securely manage information, increase the productivity of its operations, achieve an improved synchronization of the entire work collective, and facilitate easier cooperation, thanks to the many useful tools it possesses. Office 365 is based on CLOUD technology that supports all operations performed in the “ether”. With the ability to work in a manner that is not limited by the type of device (Office 365 is available for PC, smartphones, tablet, etc.), the geographical location or access time, there are plenty of options available for you to improve your business flow.

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Thanks to Adobe tools, creativity in operations is guaranteed! Provide your team with a service package tailored to the most specific needs of your business. Creative cloud stands out from among the best-selling packages. The best-selling desktop applications, which include Design apps, Web & UX apps, Photography apps, Video & audio apps, will make every design solution attractive, regardless of whether it will be digital or in print. All current updates are included in the membership, whose collection has been consolidated

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Be assured in the security of your information systems with one of ESET’s security solutions! Advanced ESET solutions are recognized for their highly functional capabilities for the performance of advanced operations that will not interfere with normal workflows, nor overload the network and system.  Thanks to easy implementation and use, automatic threat detection and minimizing false alarms, ESET guarantees maximum operational and business security.

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Low system requirements
Advanced scanner
Remote administration
Preventing vulnerability
Virtualization support
Two-way firewall
Protocol protection
Botnet protection


Software solutions from Mathworks are perfectly suited for scientists and engineers.



As a programming language frequently found in engineering circles, it processes data through numbers and matrices and, thanks to its built-in graphics, makes it easier to gain insight into data through their visual representation. MATLAB integration is possible with other programming languages, while algorithms and applications can be implemented within production systems and companies






Under construction.

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All information about IT assets in one place
Do you really control the IT assets in your company?

  • 30% of organizations admit that they do not know what assets they own
  • The remaining 70% operate under the illusion of control.

Discover the IT assets in your network without having to install any software on your devices. Lansweeper finds and collects information on all assets, hardware specifications, installed software, user details and more. Remove one of the biggest obstacles in IT by gaining full visibility of your network.

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A record of working hours is the basis for managing the most important company resource – people

Do creative jobs… thanks to timeWORX solution, minimize the day-to-day administration of working hours records.

Maximize profit reports generated by timeWORX an be customized to your needs in a very simple and fast way.

Don’t waste time, we adapt… begardless of the size and activity of your company, with the modular timeWORX solution concept, we will adapt to your needs

Speed up the process and eliminate errors … the timeWORX system allows you to predefine holidays, working Saturdays, shift work and quickly apply the defined parameters to a group of employees, or an individual employee

Time working for HR… with the timeWORX system, sick leave and vacation records, as well as monitoring them, have never been easier. As a result, you can spend more time recruiting and training employees.

No special training required… designed as a WEB application and adapted to the most commonly used search engines, the timeWORX system offers a very intuitive user interface tailored to the language in use… and English … and Russian….

Payroll calculations, everything is ready…thanks to good organization and an option to export the data into the desired format, the timeWORX system prepares everything required for payroll calculations

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The nature of your business requires recording the status of a large number of items, which is why you are looking for a system that provides up-to-date and accurate asset tracking and inventory management

Try Easy Asset Management !

What are all the available options with this advanced software solution?

  • Information on assets and their availability is instantly available to you
  • Based on a simple QR code scan, you can verify all of the listed asset information.
  • You will receive insight into outdated assets, as well as those with a poor status, which makes drafting a procurement plan much easier!
  • You can create accurate and transparent reports, according to the chosen location or group.
  • By scanning the QR codes via your mobile devices, you can control your assets.
  • With the help of the Brother P-touch printer, you can automatically print labels in the desired colors and dimensions (50mm x 24mm and 70mm x 24mm) or add your company logo to them.

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