A wireless network is a way of communicating on a network platform where users are provided with complete mobility, through wireless networking. This type of networking functions according to the radio wave system, connecting computers, network equipment and other devices. Wireless solutions, in the contemporary business era, stand out for their exceptional practicality

One of the solutions we recommend to our customers is Aruba wireless solutions, which, with maximum flexibility and extremely high performance, meets the requirements of any medium or large-size company. The best wireless experience is provided by the Wi Fi 6 standard, Al intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) protocols. In addition to Aruba, JAPI com maintains partnerships with other reputable companies such as Cisco, Mikrotonik and Grandstream.

What are the benefits of a wireless network?

Possibility of application in facilities that do not allow for cable installations.
Extremely high flexibility.
Quick connection to the network with less engagement.
Full user mobility.

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