JAPI com doo company was established in 1996 with a registered office in Novi Sad.  For the past twenty years, we have channeled our interests and knowledge in the provision of professional customer service. Today, JAPI com consists of a team of 25 young and ambitious professionals who are driven by a desire to advance and overcome potential challenges in the IT industry.


What distinguishes us, as a company, is the number of our business partners who we work with to fulfill the set standards. Among JAPI com’s partners are Lenovo, IBM, HP, LEXMARK, HP Incorporate, PALO ALTO, CISCO, Allied Telesis, Microsoft, VMware, VEEAM, Adobe, ESET. The good partnership relationships which we have with the abovementioned brands have allowed us to guarantee our customers impeccable equipment quality and superior service. Our operations are in line with international standards ISO 9000, 14000, 20000, 27000.

We have the knowledge and skills that allow us to provide our customers with the following types of services:


Thanks to our knowledge, constant education and monitoring global trends, we are able to meet the most demanding IT challenges of today. We analyze the condition of existing equipment, plan equipment replacements, optimize current resources and calculate the total cost of owning assets.


Regardless of whether it is servers, workstations, printers, storage devices, routers and other types of hardware, we are able to provide professional service and support, which can take the form of phone advice or intervention. In addition to standard service providers, we also perform the prompt replacement of equipment, at the customer's request.


We sell IT equipment and software to our customers, with adequate training. No matter the complexity of a task, we are able to find a solution to any challenge thanks to years of experience and market presence.


A special type of service provided to customers who do not have their own IT sector. In agreement with the user, using appropriate tools and methodology, we define the critical points and take actions that prevent an undesired outcome. This service is available 24/7/365.


JAPI com has a cloud storage center. We offer our clients web hosting services, mail servers, security backup and reinstallation from backup, as well as website backup, etc.


In collaboration with our partners, we design and implement network infrastructures. Regardless of whether a client needs 1GB or 10GB, or an extremely stable WIFI connection - we are able to answer every request! We also test the device and issue appropriate attestations.


In collaboration with VMware, as the global leader in virtualization, we are able to offer virtualization of all data. ENTERPRISE partner status guarantees clients the highest quality of service.


If you are using Microsoft, Adobe, or other third-party software, and you are not sure if you are abiding by all statutory guidelines regarding product use - give us a call! We control and sell licensed software solutions for all your needs.


A ten-year partnership with LEXMARK, guarantees for the high quality of services provided in the sale, rental and servicing of printers. We offer a large selection of black and white or color printers. Thanks to a dedicated collaboration, JAPI com boasts LEXMARK EXPERT and BSD partner status


We have been operating in this segment for over eight years and, if you are familiar with all the benefits of outsourcing equipment, we are at your service. Thanks to our cooperation with financial institutions, we provide our clients with the best service


The fast pace of life can surprise us with some unexpected demands. In order to quickly and efficiently complete all your tasks and maintain business continuity, JAPI com can also offer equipment rental services, for a longer and shorter period of time.

Basic information

Company name:  JAPI COM
Address: Rumenačka 13, 21000 Novi Sad
company registration number: 08664005,
registration number: 22308664005,
tax identification number: 101645578

Income during 2015: RSD 404,570,000
Income during 2016: RSD 439,882,000
Income during 2017: RSD 408,443,000