With JAPI com’s practical, efficient and affordable solutions, you have the opportunity to choose the best solution for your business. We have based our many years of successful experience on our cooperation with renowned partners, while our willingness to meet the needs of our clients makes us a team open to consultations.

We offer planning, designing, implementing and maintaining IT solutions in order to create a modern IT environment. The complete process is done in collaboration with the client and each final solution differs depending on the client’s needs and requirements.

Our priority is the user’s adoption and acceptance of a change and the project is complete once the user has fully utilized the full functionality of the implemented IT solution. A company gets a return on its investment in technology only when customers take full advantage of the technology solution. Therefore, customer benefits and business results are our goal in designing an IT environment.
We build security, as well as client privacy, into our solutions.
For a detailed offer, based on the needs of each individual client, feel free to contact us!


Adjust your costs and financial investment in every field, even printer rental. As an official Lexmark partner, and their authorized service center, JAPI com offers its customers the ability to maintain business continuity through the use of printer rental and maintenance services.

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Professional operations in today’s digital age implies an Internet presence. To make your website visible, it is necessary to lease space on a server- hosting. If your choice is JAPI com, as our user, you will use the resources of our data center, which is accessed through a VPN (virtual private network) connection. Facts that support this choice are a minimal initial investment, professional maintenance by JAPI com engineers, as well as backup of data within the HOST server.

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Desktop virtualization or desktop infrastructure includes a centralized management of users’ computers from one control panel. Managing and controlling updates, operating systems and running computer terminals is possible thanks to a centralized system that supports every user.

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Network security is a specialized area in the field of computer networks, which focuses on protecting a company’s data. Regardless of whether it is a larger or smaller system, every company has a need and an obligation to protect and preserve its data from a possible attack by a hacker. Loss of important data, unavailability of services, and other unwanted activities can result in financial losses and damage to credibility in the specific business niche.

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A wireless network is a way of communicating on a network platform where users are provided with complete mobility, through wireless networking. This type of networking functions according to the radio wave system, connecting computers, network equipment and other devices. Wireless solutions, in the contemporary business era, stand out for their exceptional practicality.

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Are you planning on starting your own business and are thinking about how to reduce the cost of acquiring the necessary IT equipment for your business?
The perfect solution is to rent the necessary workstations, monitors and notebooks.

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A data backup is the creation of copies, of all data, which prevents damage sustained after the loss of this data. Data backup is a kind of data protection for every business, regardless of the size, scope and field of operations.

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Server infrastructure virtualization involves advanced IT technology that “stores” multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. Virtualization technology is suitable for any company that has more than one server computer and is an especially efficient and cost-effective solution for organizations that fall into the categories of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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