Are you planning on starting your own business and are thinking about how to reduce the cost of acquiring the necessary IT equipment for your business?

The perfect solution is to rent the necessary workstations, monitors and notebooks.

The IT equipment rental and maintenance service provided by JAPI com would be particularly useful for any start-up company for whom, the financial investment associated with the purchase of their own equipment or part of the equipment, would be a big budget item. In addition, if you are expanding your business team for a fixed period of time or are planning an event – investing in rentals instead of buying IT equipment is a better choice.

What are the benefits of using the rental and maintenance of IT equipment provided by JAPI com?

Expanding the infrastructure that enables business continuity, without the initial investment into purchasing workstations, monitors and notebooks.
Delivery and setup provided by JAPI com.
Regular maintenance of equipment and support by qualified JAPI com team experts.
There is no initial investment in equipment for the user while capital costs, with uncertain maintenance costs, are converted into predictable monthly costs.

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