As a partner to the leading global server manufacturers such as Lenovo, IBM, HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Supermicro, we are able to respond to the diverse needs of our clients, from minimum server requirements in smaller companies to the most complex IT infrastructural solutions. Our portfolio includes tower servers that we customize to meet our customers’ needs through an appropriate selection of processors, memory, hard drives, and network ports. We also offer rack servers, of various performance and configurations, in computer cases in sizes 1U, 2U, 4U, and servers, as part of unique solutions, through Blade technology. 
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Information is the basis of contemporary decision-making. The possibility of reliable storage and information availability enable the user to make a decision as to whether to include a storage device into the information infrastructure. We have designed and implemented storage solutions with SATA and SAS disks and state-of-the-art “Solid state drive” disks. The designed solutions respond to the needs of different clients, primarily based on requirements for speed of data entry and reading. We recommend solutions from the Lenovo manufacturer, that stand out for reliability, performance and technological innovation (tiering, deduplication, snapshot), and provide end-user security and manageability
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Through virtualization, we ensure our clients and end users use their servers, storage and IT resources in a simpler and faster way, with a significant reduction in operating costs. VMware is the most famous brand, and a leader in this field, whose solutions we have implemented in the field of server virtualization and VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions. Combined with hardware components and Veeam backup and replication solutions, VMware solutions ensure high availability of IT systems, and stable operations, without long interruptions in the availability of IT services (business continuity), which is crucial for the survival of all business systems in a dynamic environment. The damage that can be caused by the inability to quickly, reliably and completely restore data (backup) in a modern business affects not only finances but also business reputation. In order to meet the needs of our customers in a high-quality, safe and reliable way, we have opted for a modern and stable solution that increases the reliability, security and availability of your system
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Many predicted that the desktop and PC workstation market would simply disappear after the advent of mobile devices. In the meantime, the workstation segment has experienced a boom in business use, where it provides security, reliability and controlled power consumption. Simple administration and commissioning, reduced noise and savings in space, are requirements that workstations successfully respond to.
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Most users view monitors only through size or diagonal. However, the evolution of monitors, in business terms, has reached different segments. By working with leading brands involved in the development and production of monitors, we are able to offer customized solutions that increase operational efficiency and bring savings.
Increased display aspect ratio are being increasingly used for work. These monitors make it easy to display multiple windows and perform multiple tasks, at the same time.
Professional monitors with integrated cameras, microphones, speakers and numerous ports, in a modern business, are the standard that JAPI com follows with its offer. The JAPI com monitor portfolio also includes a number of accessories in terms of stands, mounts, and monitor mounts.
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Reliable, portable, with available upgrades and performance to suit even the most demanding users, laptops manage to survive in the business use of portable devices. Different uses have divided the notebook market and have been recognized by JAPI com. By partnering with major notebook manufacturers, JAPI com is able to offer a wide range of solutions that will meet different customer requirements. Professional solutions that focus on reliability and productivity are always the first choice for business users.
Graphic workstations certified to work with AMD FirePro and Nvidia Quadro graphics cards are used for high-performance applications such as various professional video processing software or different types of design.
Ultramobile notebooks, with different work modes, simple and intuitive use designs, have found their application with users who use their notebooks more frequently when they are on the go. Traditional and less demanding users still have the option of choosing more affordable laptops. These office machines are still widely used today when using less demanding applications.
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